Knotty Headz Tattoos-Piercing is the brainchild of the husband-wife team of Christian and Sabine.  After many years in the underground as modern day nomads, the couple decided to settle down and open a studio where personal expression is paramount. They knew that many customers had ideas that they wanted expressed using skin as a canvas, but that many studios were too expensive and notoriously snobby. The couple brings a breath of fresh air to the industry that they love: giving all customers the ability to see their dreams come true at a reasonable price in a studio where one can feel at home.

Sabine is a German immigrant who studied fashion design in her homeland. She brings many years of design experience and an uncanny ability to listen to customer requests and help them to get exactly what they want. She was apprenticed in 1991 by tattooist Mike Owen, AKA “Mike the Viking,” of Professional Tattooing By Mike, who now resides in Texas. In 2003, after many years of honing her craft, she was apprenticed by her husband, Christian, in the ancient art of body piercing. Since then she has developed quite a following and customers swear by her matronly bedside manner and her largely clamp less piercing.

Christian is a University of South Carolina alumni who got his first piercing nearly 20 years ago. Well known for his larger than life ear stretches, this modern primitive is well versed in the history of the art and is a devout practitioner of the art of stretching. These days, Christian is behind the scenes and can often be seen advising customers about their body modification choices and making sure that the studio is comfortable for clients.

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